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Mover Mentality strives to be one of the most affordable moving companies in Tampa. Our vast amount of experience in the moving industry enables us to offer cost-effective moving solutions across several local counties. On average we save customers 30% or more versus other local movers, and below is why we should be your moving company of choice!

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Mover Mentality

At Mover Mentality we are constantly looking for ways to cut cost so we can continue to lower our charges to our customers, and this does not mean cutting corners.


There are several factors to consider when comparing local movers, including rates and other charges they may have. Here at Mover Mentality, we're committed to giving you the best value with the most affordable moving rates. Our movers are some of the very best in the business. We truly strive to be the most cost-effective moving company in Tampa, while still be a real, insured, licensed, and professional group. You might save a quick dollar with uninsured, fly-by-night companies. However, with us, you'll always get the best rates among the best moving companies, along with the safety and care for your property and getting to your new home with everything you packed to get there.


What do you get with Us?


Hourly Rate:  $109 per hour for 2 Movers (view all of our rates here)

 2nd Floor:        $0.00 additional fee for move-out or move-in


3rd Floor:        $0.00 additional fee for move-out or move-in


Fuel Fee:         $0.00 additional fee


Truck Fee:       $0.00 additional fee

Disassemble: $0.00 additional fee


Reassemble:  $0.00 additional fee

Weekend Moves: No additional charges


Final Bill Example:


On a 5-hour move with Mover Mentality, your moving bill would be $545 (based on our 2 mover package at $109 per hour). When also adding our round trip travel fee of $75, your final 5-hour moving bill with us will not exceed $620 as a grand total. We save residential and commercial customers roughly 30% or more versus other moving companies - and we never charge additional for stairs, elevators, fuel, our trucks, disassembling and reassembling furniture, or anything else. Have any questions or want a free quote? Contact us today for more information.


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Other Local Movers

With the other moving companies like Two Men & A Truck among others, their overall moving bills are typically 30% or more than Mover Mentality.


The unfortunate truth about most movers throughout the greater Tampa area is that it seems they lost sight of the overall cost most people deal with when moving homes. The total cost of moving into a new home or business can be a huge sum of money. It is for this reason among others that Mover Mentality offers cheap moving company rates in Tampa without sacrificing any of the extremely high standards and quality we demand as a great moving company. We don't believe in having hidden charges or surprise fees, just honest upfront prices and our customers truly love us for that! Contact us today for more information, and let us show you why we should be your local moving company of choice.


What do you get with Them?


Hourly Rate:  $125 - $145 per hour for 2 Movers


2nd Floor:       $0 - $100 additional fee (depends on company)


3rd Floor:        $0 - $200 additional fee (depends on company)


Fuel Fee:         $0 - $100 additional fee (depends on company)


Truck Fee:       $0 - $100 additional fee (depends on company)


Disassemble:  $0 - $100 additional fee (depends on company)


Reassemble:   $0 - $100 additional fee (depends on company)

Weekend Moves: An additional $10 at least per hour!

Final Bill Example:


For a 5 hour move with 2 Men & A Truck and other large moving companies based on hourly rates, your moving bill would equal $675 at minimum with their $135 per hour rate. This does not include any additional fees they might have (as mentioned above) which could quickly bring your 5-hour moving bill close to $1,000 or more. This $1,000 example would apply if you have stairs, and if 2 Men & A Truck charge "higher floor fees". Or, if they charge extra for fuel, travel time, etc. With Mover Mentality you will never have surprise charges or hidden fees, and this is our personal guarantee to you!

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